M Trading Enterprises Group Inc.
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Freshly ground and brewed from Seattle's Best Coffee beans.
Welcome to our Coffee Shop
Our goal is to ensure that our customers enjoy the best coffee and snack experience possible. Cafe americano, latte, iced latte, cappuccino, espresso, choccocino, hot chocolate, black and green tea, sweet and salty snacks and small meals are all fresh and made for you from best ingredients available.
Have an ice cold bottle of water, soda or sparkling water.
Snacks and meals
It is time for ice cream, snack, croissant or pie.
There is a free wifi in our classic style Coffee Shop
We also sell delicious and healthy Finnish style sourdough rye bread. Includes only rye, water and salt. No preservatives, leaven or any other flour. You may also enjoy Karelian pies (karjalanpiirakka), meat pies (lihapiirakka) and doughnuts (suomalainen munkkirinkilä). All these delicasy have been made locally by Kettunen Services.

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Finnish style rye bread